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Introduction to the Emergency Department Workforce Planning Framework

The Emergency Department Workforce Planning Framework is a framework which has been developed to assist standardisation of workforce planning approaches across Emergency Departments (ED) and the Emergency Care Networks in Ireland and to support the development of competence and confidence amongst senior ED nurse mangers and other nurse managers in making workforce decisions.

The framework will serve as a guide to support senior ED nurse managers and their team to assess and plan their nursing workforce to meet the needs of their individual services. The framework promotes a consistent, standardised and evidence based approach to workforce planning and  provides the tools and resources to support workforce decisions. It also focuses on developing the competence and confidence of senior ED nurse managers and other relevant staff in making informed workforce decisions.

The framework is the product of genuine collaborative work and co-design of multiple key stakeholders across our Emergency Care and healthcare services.

Health and Social Care Professionals

Health and Social Care Professionals in Emergency Care
The Health and Social Care Professionals (HSCP) who work in emergency care include:

  • Physiotherapists;
  • Occupational Therapists;
  • Medical Social Workers (LINK TO PDF REQ’D)
  • Speech and Language Therapists;
  • Dieticians;
  • Podiatrists;
  • Orthoptists;

In most EDs, HSCPs are employed outside the ED but contribute to patient care in the ED. In other EDs, various numbers of HSCPs dedicated to emergency medicine are included in the ED staff complement.

Further information on the role of HSCPs in emergency care is available in Chapter 16 of the EMP Report 2012

Examples of HSCP-led effective practice for multidisciplinary assessment and safe, early discharge:
  • Tallaght
  • Beaumont
  • Mater
  • St. James’s
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda

HSCP involvement in Consultant Led ED Review Clinics

Summary of the EMP HSCP Workshop 2013

Emergency Medicine Medical Workforce Resources