Mandatory Fund

Trainees in full-time training in Ireland can claim for approved mandatory course fees up to EUR 1200 for the training year from July 2018 until July 2019. The Mandatory Fund supports SpR Trainees in education and training courses, which are deemed mandatory or high priority elements of the curriculum by their specialty. Each specialty has a list of approved courses. Your ST Administrator will circulate the list of approved courses to you once you begin the programme. If you wish to claim from the mandatory fund please do ensure your course is on this list before you pay for it to ensure reimbursement is possible.

Please note this fund reimburses course fees only. Funding is not carried over from year-to-year so you will need to submit your applications for refund before the end of June each year.

To apply for reimbursement from the Mandatory Fund:

  1. Please complete the Mandatory Refund Form
  2. Submit your completed form to your ST Administrator with the original receipt and a copy of your certificate of attendance.
  3. You may submit the application form and receipt initially if you wish and forward the copy of the attendance certificate later if we are approaching the end of June, to ensure your claim will be flagged.

All required details and information can be found on the application form HERE