Specialist Training Fund

A Trainee in full time training in Ireland is eligible for EUR 500 per year. This fund supports Trainee participation in relevant educational and training events, which are additional to the mandatory elements of training. Course fees, flights and hotel fees, books and equipment costs can be claimed via this fund as well as UKITE examination fees if you register with the British Orthopaedic Society as a Non-BOA member. Please note if you register for UKITE as a regular BOA member you will not be able to recoup this examination fee back as membership fees cannot be claimed back from any fund to-date*. Claims can only be made for courses/equipment paid by you in the current year i.e. July 2018 to July 2019. Jackie Browne, Surgical Affairs, 121 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2 (JackieBrowne@rcsi.ie) processes claims for this fund.

In order to submit claims to this fund:

  1. Please submit a Specialist Training Fund Reimbursement Form (do ensure this form is signed by one of your Trainers), original receipts and copies of your certificates of attendance (if required).
  2. If all your paperwork is in order your claim will be processed and sent to the Finance Department.
  3. Payments are processed within six weeks approximately. Please note applications not in good order will delay reimbursement.
*UKITE only relevant to Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery Trainees.

All required details and information can be found on the application form HERE