Clinical Courses and Examination Fund

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The maximum amount available to claim through this fund is EUR 450 per clinical course/examination. This fund is administered and paid out by the HSE in your unit to support clinical courses and exams relevant to your specialty. There is a definitive list of approved clinical courses and exams and only these are eligible for reimbursement. Examples of items eligible to claim for which are on the list would be the FRCS examinations, ATLS and CRISP courses.

In order to apply for reimbursement from this fund:

  1. Trainees must submit the application with supporting documentation to their Employer.
  2. The Employer will submit the application form to the HSE/NDTP.
  3. If your claim is successful, the HSE/NDTP pays the Employer.
  4. In turn your Employer will pay you.
  5. The contact email for this fund is

All required details and information can be found on the application form HERE